My knowledge with the Panasonic AVCCAM

This camera is a digital camcorder, with a built in 70-300mm lens. This blog is to show my understanding with this camera.

  • Power on: A switch at the back next to the red record button
  • LED slide: on the right back of the body, slide open the LED finder
  • View finder: On the back top of the body, looking through the viewfinder, it shows what the camera see.
  • Manual Iris: On the bottom next to the Iris wheel, press to switch to manual and use wheel to adjust light exposure
  • Shutter speed: Open LED screen and it will reveal configs, which one will say speed control, ideal to keep shutter speed to 1/60
  • White Balance: On the bottom next to the iris and gain, theres a switch which will need to be put to preset. After that you need a white a4 or anything that is completely white, have that in the frame and hold the button on the bottom of the front cam to manually correct the white balance.
  • Manual Focus: Theres a switch at the front next to the natural density filter, that says focus, switch to manual.
  •  Zebra: Opening the LED, theres a button that says Zebra. This shows you

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