Stone Sour-Through Glass Analyses

This blog will talk about representation, messages and values, Semiotics and media language in the music video, Stone Sour-Through Glass

Representation: This video piece to me, represents the contrast between high class rich but talentless celebrity’s to honest people who are low class but are talented and passionate people. The song describes how these high class people are becoming like a disease to ordinary low class, example is teenagers who look up to the wrong celebrity’s. (Britney Spears)

Media Language:

Point Of View Shots: The piece uses a lot of P.O.V shots from Corey Taylor’s (Lead singer) vision, this is to show us what he’s seeing and how we see the celebrity’s looking at him.

Mid shots and Mid close-ups: Using a steady-cam, there are mid shots and mid close-ups of Corey walking towards the camera singing and observing his environment.

Low angle: When the song goes up-beat, there’s a shot of the bass guitarist and rhythm guitarist being shot in a low angle. This wasn’t to make them feel intimidating but to make them look powerful and full of energy, along with the song.


Semiotics: When we see the band playing on the Hollywood mountain, we see the Hollywood sign replaced as hollowood, this is a sign to the famous celebrity’s with no talent but rich and famous, that they are empty and shallow beings inside.


Messages and values:

How much is real? So much to question
An epidemic of the mannequins
Contaminating everything
We thought came from the heart
It never did right from the start

To me the song is a message to the people who look up to celebrity’s and want to be just like them, although these type of people may be rich and famous, they are missing what’s important and that’s their dignity and true passion. The music video describes how fake these people are by showing us the guitarist sitting down being an introvert, dressed how he wants in a hoodie, and then deciding to get up and walk off to play with the band members; Also at the last section of the video, the celebrity’s  turn into cardboard cutouts and get dragged off the set.




Eliot Rausch-El Pescador

This blog analyses a short film called El Pescado (The Fisherman); directed by Eliot Rausch



The story is about a businessman who enters a poor area where he finds a fisherman and discusses about his work. After the fisherman telling this man that he brings enough fish in to profit and feed his family and the rest of the time he has, he spends with his love ones and friends; the businessman tries to convince the fisherman to work harder with the time he has to make a bigger profit and build himself up on the ladder to financial success, then telling him to sacrifice and sell everything he has to be a millionaire, the fisherman disagrees with his offers as he knows that it’s not the life he wants to lead because he appreciates the things he has and what makes him happy.



This piece shows us the perspective of two characters/social group, which one is higher class and the other is lower class, and how these two characters collide and have their own values and attitudes to life/living. We have a rich business man who believes in greed and wealth, enters a poor community and talks to a fisherman. Hearing how the fisherman enjoys how he lives his daily life, the businessman believes that it’s not the way to lead your life and he should invest more of his time in fishing to get a large amount and build himself up as a businessman and with the money he can leave his home town and start a business.


Messages and values:

To me the story tells us that leading a life of becoming rich isn’t the way of living. It tells us not wealth but more love; doing what you feel is important for you and the ones around you and not throwing away what’s important just for money.



The first shot in this piece shows us a dog eating a small dead animal, then we see a reaction shot on the businessman, looking disgusted, this shows us the disgusted feeling this man has in this environment.



Web design idea 1


After thinking about what website I want to make, that will benefit me, I came up with the idea of doing a personal portfolio. It will be benefical to me as I can use it to sell myself to employers and University’s

Unlike using Facebook, Deviant Art etc, to post my work, this website is my own, it’s an insight to my world and what I do.

It will be used for showing my short films, photography, scripts and more

Slipknot-Snuff Music Video



With the twist at the ending of the music video, we discover that Corey Taylor (Lead singer) is in the hotel and he is dressed up how his ex girlfriend would dress. Wearing stockings, bra and lipstick. The idea is unique and very moving to audiences who can relate to this character, not physically but mentally. It expresses the idea of a man who doesn’t want to let his ex go and in order to feel her presence, he must be like her.

Media language

Visual storytelling:

  • The video uses a lot of cut away, this was to not reveal the woman’s identity.
  • The interior lighting in the hotel rooms and corridors are quite low key, this was to achieve a dramatic look and create shadows that make it feel moody.


The music video uses a few low angle shots on Corey Taylor, this confuses me, as normally a low angle shot gives that feeling of strong and powerful, but the character in the video is very fragile.


Human skull: In the hotel room, there is a human skull on the side, this to me could symbolize 3 things.

  1. Due to being a heavy metal band, there fond of skulls and death
  2. To symbolize the idea that the relationship between Corey and his wife is dead
  3. Maybe the reason she’s gone is not because she left him but because she passed away and the skull is a sign to say she died and Corey Taylor is grieving from her death

Here is a link to the video.

Contextual Awareness-Deviant Art

Deviant art is such a thoughtful and useful website, It’s targeted audiences is, well artists, but artists can benefit a lot from this site.

It is used to upload your artwork, not just one category but a wide range of art, from Paintings, Sketching, creative writings, Photography and even your own art videos.

I think artists can turn to this website then any other social media (Facebook, twitter) because everyone who uses this website and sees your work can be open minded and perceive it for what it is, as Facebook is more global and not as much will understand your work.

Deviant art allows artists to explore and communicate to artists around the world, they can leave feedback and follow artists.

Contextual Awareness

By searching Deviant Art, you may get offers in the future, asking to buy paint brushes or art materials, possibly asking you to follow them on Facebook.


Contextual Awareness-YouTube


Why YouTube is so popular?

Same as Facebook, The range of audiences is so large, everyone can relate to it. Also I think more of the population, especially these days are drawn more to watching video then anything else

What purposes does YouTube have?

YouTube is used for everything not only moving image but pictures, texts and even music. It is used for educational purposes, (Tutorials, lessons and research,) entertainment, (Music and film.) also YouTube can be used as a vlog and watch things live.

Many celebrities today started by uploading their videos to YouTube.

Gabrielle Aplin who is now a famous british musician, sold herself by uploading her own songs and covers to her YouTube Channel.

Esmee Denters build her career by uploading low-tech karaoke videos

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg Also known as Pewdiepie is now one of the most famous people on Youtube, just by sharing his gaming experiences and other vids. PewDiePie earned $7.4m 2014 due to his large amount of views and subscribers.

All these people have got where they are now due to turning to this website to sell themselves.

Contextual Awareness in YouTube

Like most websites, they use ads as a way of trying to persuade you to buy their products. Most of these ads are linked by your previous searches. If you like a game page on Facebook or watch videos of games on YouTube, YouTube will record this and advertise related videos. They do this by asking you to view or subscribe related videos.




Contextual Awareness-Facebook

Why Facebook is so popular?

To me I think the reason Facebook is so popular is not only because of how many layers it has. (Video streams, messenger call, ads, recommendations due to cookies.) but because it’s a social media and as human being, we are social creatures and are all drawn to it.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook designer) knew this website would become dependent on everybody, he knew his target audiences would be so big and most of the population would use it. Families use it to check up on each other, friends use it to plan and generally socialize on it and some people use it to search for their old lost friends.

What,When and where you use a device to search the web, everything is recorded and used for future purposes, with Facebook, they can see what you shop online and recommend an item for you, with friends that are added onto your account, Facebook knows this and uses it to help you find other friends that you may know, this is all called contextual Awareness.

Not only is Facebook used as a social media but it is also used as a way of supporting something, such as sharing a post to raise awareness of someone with cancer to help fund, it has become depended for employers, to use this website for support of their organization, it allows people to follow it and keep up to with it’s news.