Contextual Awareness-Deviant Art

Deviant art is such a thoughtful and useful website, It’s targeted audiences is, well artists, but artists can benefit a lot from this site.

It is used to upload your artwork, not just one category but a wide range of art, from Paintings, Sketching, creative writings, Photography and even your own art videos.

I think artists can turn to this website then any other social media (Facebook, twitter) because everyone who uses this website and sees your work can be open minded and perceive it for what it is, as Facebook is more global and not as much will understand your work.

Deviant art allows artists to explore and communicate to artists around the world, they can leave feedback and follow artists.

Contextual Awareness

By searching Deviant Art, you may get offers in the future, asking to buy paint brushes or art materials, possibly asking you to follow them on Facebook.



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