Contextual Awareness-Facebook

Why Facebook is so popular?

To me I think the reason Facebook is so popular is not only because of how many layers it has. (Video streams, messenger call, ads, recommendations due to cookies.) but because it’s a social media and as human being, we are social creatures and are all drawn to it.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook designer) knew this website would become dependent on everybody, he knew his target audiences would be so big and most of the population would use it. Families use it to check up on each other, friends use it to plan and generally socialize on it and some people use it to search for their old lost friends.

What,When and where you use a device to search the web, everything is recorded and used for future purposes, with Facebook, they can see what you shop online and recommend an item for you, with friends that are added onto your account, Facebook knows this and uses it to help you find other friends that you may know, this is all called contextual Awareness.

Not only is Facebook used as a social media but it is also used as a way of supporting something, such as sharing a post to raise awareness of someone with cancer to help fund, it has become depended for employers, to use this website for support of their organization, it allows people to follow it and keep up to with it’s news.



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