Slipknot-Snuff Music Video



With the twist at the ending of the music video, we discover that Corey Taylor (Lead singer) is in the hotel and he is dressed up how his ex girlfriend would dress. Wearing stockings, bra and lipstick. The idea is unique and very moving to audiences who can relate to this character, not physically but mentally. It expresses the idea of a man who doesn’t want to let his ex go and in order to feel her presence, he must be like her.

Media language

Visual storytelling:

  • The video uses a lot of cut away, this was to not reveal the woman’s identity.
  • The interior lighting in the hotel rooms and corridors are quite low key, this was to achieve a dramatic look and create shadows that make it feel moody.


The music video uses a few low angle shots on Corey Taylor, this confuses me, as normally a low angle shot gives that feeling of strong and powerful, but the character in the video is very fragile.


Human skull: In the hotel room, there is a human skull on the side, this to me could symbolize 3 things.

  1. Due to being a heavy metal band, there fond of skulls and death
  2. To symbolize the idea that the relationship between Corey and his wife is dead
  3. Maybe the reason she’s gone is not because she left him but because she passed away and the skull is a sign to say she died and Corey Taylor is grieving from her death

Here is a link to the video.


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