Eliot Rausch-El Pescador

This blog analyses a short film called El Pescado (The Fisherman); directed by Eliot Rausch



The story is about a businessman who enters a poor area where he finds a fisherman and discusses about his work. After the fisherman telling this man that he brings enough fish in to profit and feed his family and the rest of the time he has, he spends with his love ones and friends; the businessman tries to convince the fisherman to work harder with the time he has to make a bigger profit and build himself up on the ladder to financial success, then telling him to sacrifice and sell everything he has to be a millionaire, the fisherman disagrees with his offers as he knows that it’s not the life he wants to lead because he appreciates the things he has and what makes him happy.



This piece shows us the perspective of two characters/social group, which one is higher class and the other is lower class, and how these two characters collide and have their own values and attitudes to life/living. We have a rich business man who believes in greed and wealth, enters a poor community and talks to a fisherman. Hearing how the fisherman enjoys how he lives his daily life, the businessman believes that it’s not the way to lead your life and he should invest more of his time in fishing to get a large amount and build himself up as a businessman and with the money he can leave his home town and start a business.


Messages and values:

To me the story tells us that leading a life of becoming rich isn’t the way of living. It tells us not wealth but more love; doing what you feel is important for you and the ones around you and not throwing away what’s important just for money.



The first shot in this piece shows us a dog eating a small dead animal, then we see a reaction shot on the businessman, looking disgusted, this shows us the disgusted feeling this man has in this environment.




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