Stone Sour-Through Glass Analyses

This blog will talk about representation, messages and values, Semiotics and media language in the music video, Stone Sour-Through Glass

Representation: This video piece to me, represents the contrast between high class rich but talentless celebrity’s to honest people who are low class but are talented and passionate people. The song describes how these high class people are becoming like a disease to ordinary low class, example is teenagers who look up to the wrong celebrity’s. (Britney Spears)

Media Language:

Point Of View Shots: The piece uses a lot of P.O.V shots from Corey Taylor’s (Lead singer) vision, this is to show us what he’s seeing and how we see the celebrity’s looking at him.

Mid shots and Mid close-ups: Using a steady-cam, there are mid shots and mid close-ups of Corey walking towards the camera singing and observing his environment.

Low angle: When the song goes up-beat, there’s a shot of the bass guitarist and rhythm guitarist being shot in a low angle. This wasn’t to make them feel intimidating but to make them look powerful and full of energy, along with the song.


Semiotics: When we see the band playing on the Hollywood mountain, we see the Hollywood sign replaced as hollowood, this is a sign to the famous celebrity’s with no talent but rich and famous, that they are empty and shallow beings inside.


Messages and values:

How much is real? So much to question
An epidemic of the mannequins
Contaminating everything
We thought came from the heart
It never did right from the start

To me the song is a message to the people who look up to celebrity’s and want to be just like them, although these type of people may be rich and famous, they are missing what’s important and that’s their dignity and true passion. The music video describes how fake these people are by showing us the guitarist sitting down being an introvert, dressed how he wants in a hoodie, and then deciding to get up and walk off to play with the band members; Also at the last section of the video, the celebrity’s  turn into cardboard cutouts and get dragged off the set.




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