Renascence 10min short film


9 months has past since young stage actress, Patrica lost her boyfriend from a car accident. Patrica is now slowly recovering and showing improvement, seeking help from a psychiatrist and guidance from religion in order to have a sense of faith and hope. Patrica reads a screen play from which she then becomes fascinated by the lead character, she starts to discover that she has a strong connection and strong sympathetic feelings with this woman, Patrica feels that this is a role that is worth fighting for and that it will help lift her spirit up and give her a direction/purpose to her life.


Messages and values:

It’s a story about the Resurrection of a broken spirit, it shows us that the trials of suffering can challenge us to discover ourselves and push us forward, it explores self worth, how when life’s accidental tragedy breaks us apart, and we lose valuable things around us that make us happy, there is always something inside of us that will give us a purpose in our life to keep us moving forward.



Originally I wanted the script to show the set up, we see the event of her losing her boyfriend and then we see the grieving process, but due to limited screen time, I cut that out as I realized that the point of the story that I wanted to focus on was a woman who finds an inner purpose that ascends her from suffering.



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