Statement of Intent (Personal Research Project – Photography)


What is the premise of your idea?

The concept is aimed how when oneself is depressed and lost in the world, we lose our sense of place and time. I want my work to be very poetic and melancholy.


Why does this idea matter to you? Personal connection to your subject.

I want to approach my work in a present way, expressing emotions of distort and losing oneself, losing sense of time and existence.


Where does your project sit in wider frame of reference?

The piece will be set in modern times


Which influences are you drawing on in your work?

Photographers Veronika Tumova and Balazs Sprenc: I had come across this photographer, whose style of work looks very expressive and relatable to my vision. I wanted to take this approach on intentionally shooting my subjects and it’s scenery out of focus and on slow shutter speed, creating almost a ghost figure in a lost world.

Atrium Carceri: I have been listening to dark ambient artist Atrium Carceri, to help bring ideas on my writing.

Anders Fridén: Swedish singer/songwriter, I have been reading his lyrics, taking inspiration for when I write my short poems. One song by the title. ‘The Chosen Pessimist’.


Which new skill do you need to learn to successfully complete this body of work?

I will be using 35mm film camera as I feel the film grain makes the image more organic, so I will need to understand how to properly read a light meter during shoot, how to process film in darkroom and using appropriate chemicals to create the color effect that I desire; I will also need to learn how to scan my prints digital, in case of editing my photos through Photoshop.


Time frame: When will you do what? How will you complete this project in the given time frame?

  • 26th, I will be doing test shoots on my film camera
  • 4th April, I will have an induction on developing 35mm colour film in darkroom, just to get familiarized and comfortable on how the process work.
  • 10th April, I will be doing one of my shoots with chosen subject
  • 15th April, by this time I shall have all the film that is required and shall be spending all my time, developing all the film stocks.
  • 16th April, I will digitally scan them, allowing me to use photoshop




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