Storytelling and Staging (Ideas)


Idea 1:

When a rumor gets spread around in a local town, that there is a beast/monster etc; lurking into the woods. Two brothers are hiking in the woods, when they discover a mysterious box and a key or a briefcase with money, attached with a letter from its owner. Conflict starts to build between the brothers when the younger brother agrees to return it to its owner.

Blinded by rage and greed, the older brother pushes his younger brother to hard, causing him to hit his head hard on a rock. The older brother tries to retrieve his fortune but is soon disappointed.


Idea 2: Deeply close loyal brothers are split apart, when the younger brothers girlfriend makes a lie, that his brother attacked her. Now perceived as a monster and as an abomination, the younger brother fueled with rage, soon discovers who the monster is when he takes extreme action on his brother.


Idea 3:



Characters: Singing Bone

Younger brother – Kind, generous, honest, loyal, loved

Older brother – Arrogant, cold, greedy, aggressive, coward, cares only for his reputation, even if he has to live a lie for it. Heavy drinker, has to rely on alcohol. Not loved or accepted.







Animal, beast, monster is to represent the characteristic trait of the antagonist. Example, animal used as a symbolic to suggest that the antagonist is a beast, metaphorically.


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